Dictan - Free Dictionary Viewer

Dictan is a free Dictionary Viewer for Android which supports .fdb, .fdl and .zd dictionary bases. This formats are open, so you may download lots of free dictionaries, handbooks, and encyclopedias from the Internet or create your own ones. Put bases into /sdcard/dictan/ and they are ready for viewing!

Dictan and its bases have the following advantages:

  • Quick load
  • Fast word search
  • Highly compressed dictionaries
  • Support of HTML markup (.fdb, .zd) and transcriptions facilitating pronunciations
  • Support of DSL markup (.fdl) developed by ABBY for the Lingvo dictionary
  • Hyperlinks between different related words with navigation support
  • Automatic word search from a translation of any other word
  • Support of attachable .zpak media files which may contain images and audio resources
  • Tools to create your own dictionaries and media attachments
  • The viewer is also available for Java (Dictan4J).
  • Supports calls from external Android applications. Currently the following applications are known to support Dictan:

This application is published on Android Market. Use "Dictan" as a search word to find it!

If you have any ideas or questions, please email to

Last Updated on December 10, 2020