How to Use Dictan


  1. Install Dictan on your phone from Android Market. If you don't have access to the Market, download Dictan from this site and copy it to /sdcard. Use any file browser (e.g. Ghost Commander, ES File Explorer) to navigate to /sdcard and install Dictan.
  2. Upload .zd dictionaries to /sdcard/dictan folder at your Android device. If a dictinary has a .zpak media attachment, it should be uploaded to the same folder (/sdcard/dictan) with the same name except it should have the .zpak extension. If you want to use a .zd dictionary without its media attachment, simply don't upload the .zpak file. In this case all media references to images and audio will be automatically removed from the translations.
  3. Start Dictan from the programs menu and choose a dictionary to view.



  1. Minimal Android Version: 2.2
  2. FDB and ZD dictionary bases located at the Dictan work directory

Last Updated on May 03, 2015